Upload Malicious File in mojoPortal v2.7 (CVE-2022-40341)

Vulnerability Type: Upload Malicious File

Vendor of Product: mojoPortal

Discoverer: Dat Hoang and Duy Anh of VietSunshine Cyber Security Services

Affected version: mojoPortal - 2.7

Attack Type: Remote

Description: mojoPortal v2.7 was discovered to contain an arbitrary file upload vulnerability which allows attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted PNG file.

Impact: Remote code execution

Attack vector

An attacker requires an account. An attacker does the following steps:

  • Step 1: An authenticated attacker could access URL: https://{IP]/Admin/FileManagerAlt.aspx to use the File Manager feature.

  • Step 2: Upload a png file containing malicious aspx code

  • Step 3: Rename the uploaded file extension from png to aspx

  • Step 4: Access URL https://{IP]/Data/Sites/1/media/[filename] to get the webshell

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